Who really shapes our bioengineered future?

Author: Erik van de Pieterman


Fighting the Zika virus

Do you know what mosquitoes and bees have in common? Let me tell you, their threat to biosecurity goes further than just a sting! In this short post you can read about what can go wrong if we do not manage the risks involved in modifying the animals in the world around us.

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Who makes the decisions for our technological future?

All right, in our introductory post you could read why we want to know who shapes the technologies that we use every day. Especially since it seems that the rate of new technological developments which we adopt is increasing and literally every aspect of our live is influenced by them. But do you as a person have any control over the development of new technologies? In other words, is the development process of these technologies democratic? Take the Nanolab at the University of Twente, where research into biotechnology is being conducted. Do we as ordinary citizens influence anything about the lab-on-a-chip at all?

In this post I will try to take a look at how the research behind new technologies is funded. This is important to understand because decisions regarding money will likely have a big impact on how our technologies are developed. My starting point is to spend a few hours doing research on the internet. The information that I will find will be shared with you in this blog.

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