Who really shapes our bioengineered future?

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When is biotechnology democratic?

Our blog is a quest towards democratic biotechnology. But why is democracy of value in technological development? Should we even pollute labs with the ambivalent needs of citizens? It seems reasonable since what labs produce could pollute our lives. And there seem to be proper ways to mind the public. Let’s consider the perspective of two philosophers.

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The Biopolitics project, an introduction

Technologies shape our lives, but who shapes them? The answer seems hidden behind laboratory doors. With emerging biotechnology in mind, such questions become pressing. In 10 years there will likely be bioengineered products in our homes. Who influences their development? And for whom are they actually developed? Why is research funded? Do citizens play a part?

This blog documents our journey to an answer. We are Duuk Baten, Erik van de Pieterman and Gijs de Boer, and we study the relation between research labs, design studios and the world outside. The upcoming three months we will shed light on the politics behind synthetic biology.

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This working document shows ways for citizens to influence the lab.

Ways to influence the lab v2.0

Part of our project is mapping out ways for people to influence the lab. Our current view is sketched out in the visual above. This is work-in-progress and we will regularly update the map.

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