Our project is composed of three threads – series of posts that revolve around a certain topic. Erik focuses on how biotechnological research is regulated, Duuk on what happens in the lab and Gijs on the debate around biotechnology.

Funding & ControlIcons-Funding

What research gets funded has a major impact on what the future will be like. Where does funding come from? Who determine what research is funded? And how is technological development controlled?

Find it out in Erik’s thread.


Icons-ResearchResearch & Engineering

In the end, the engineers and scientist in the labs make the decisions. Or do they just follow what works? What values are pursued? Do citizen interests play a role? And where does biotechnological research take place?

Read more in Duuk’s thread.


Design & DiscourseIcons-design

Before we use technology it is given shape by a designer. What will biotechnology mean for design? Who are creating biodesign? How can speculative design change discourse and contribute to democratic technology?

Find answers in Gijs’ thread.